ATHENA: by itself, it works for three

Single-head profile-edge polishing machine, highly innovative for marble, granite and stone edge working products. Multipurpose and diverse machine, produced to assist all stone masonry requirements, from monumental processing through to furnishing and architectural work.

Machine constructed using mechanichal components of high-precision utilizing industrial technological advances, minimizing complexity, thus producing a thoroughly user friendly environment, together with reduced maintenance requirements.

Dedicated electronic equipment permits every typeof processing through very simple, fast and completely automated procedures.

Treatment against corrosion by means of metallization; covers in stainless steel or sumbitted to cataphoresis treatment

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The exclusive features of a Comandulli machine ATHENA

  • Monobloc machine constructed with ultimately strong and rigid chassis, produced through high-quality and high-precision mechanical systems. The retaining-spindle slide moves along the frontal side of the working surface by means of ball screws guides, managed by a brushless motor.
  • Electrical tool retaining spindle (4 kW) with variable speed range from 0 to 3000 rpm, assembled on three monitored and interpolated axes, also managed by brushless motors.
  • Vertical axis stroke (ball screws guides): 550 mm.
  • Horizontal axis stroke (ball screws guides): 250 mm. 
  • Rotation axis stroke (reducer with no backlash): 180°.
  • 12 position automatic tool change.
  • Workpiece loading system by means of a pneumatic turntable.
  • Pneumatic holding-slab pistons.
  • Reference squares for piece alignment.
  • External wire-net fencing for the operator safety.
  • Centralized automatic lubrication.
  • CNC control unit, together with controls visualized on touch-screen monitor.
  • Sensor for the automatic reading of piece positioning.
  • Automatic device which stops the machine in event of exhausted abrasive tooling.
  • Water circuit with fluxometer for automatic machine stopping in event of water starvation.
  • Software with pre-set profiles.
  • Flexibility to program and work 5 pieces with different thickness and profile concurrently

Features & Options

Spindle assembled on four controlled axes (x,y,z,a)
Kinematic motion composed of gears and levers for the spindle circular movement
High-power spindle(4 hp)
Squares for piece alignment
Motorized turntable to execute round tables, ø 65÷ø 200 cm
Omnidirectional foldaway rollers which retract under the working surface
Planetary head for straight edges, pictures n. 1 and 4
Support bar
Support bench
Automatic turning table
Disc for cuts at any angle, e.g. 45° on 8cm thickness
Motorized turntable for round tables ø 65 ÷ ø 200 cm
Set of omnidirectional foldaway rollers which retract under the working surface
Tool change magazine with 8 or 12 positions
Machine equipped with manual tool change
Machine without reference squares

Technical Data

Possible Working

When our engineers and technicians compete with each other they outdo themselves, and you are the winners.

By developing superior machines, able to process various working processes at the highest quality level, we help you to satisfy the many different requirements of your customers and satisfy your creativity, by giving you the possibility to extend your business.



Half bullnose with bevel

Partial work on full bullnose edges


Quarter bullnose

Pencil round top and bottom


Quarter Bullnose & bevels

Profile possible with shaped grinding wheel

Partial Works on Straight edges

Half bullnose


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