SPIRA: Belt Edge polishing machine for straight edge

Automatic belt edge polishing machine for marble, granite and agglomerate, to create and polish pencil round profiles, flat edges and flat edge plus bevels. 

Very simple machine, as to its mechanical components and its electrical and electronic equipments; easy to use and service; very economic.

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  • Demo Image

The exclusive features of a Comandulli machine Spira

  • Conveyor belt width 600mm; driven by speed variator power 1,5Kw; 
  • Conveyor belt driven by a stainless steel plane. 
  • Pneumatic holding slab pistons. 
  • Control board with touch-screen visualized keyboard and pneumatic adjustment placed on the frontal part of the machine. 
  • Main covers in stainless steel. 
  • Water collecting tank with lateral flows. 
  • Tool cooling water flowing outside the spindles and managed by manual valves. 
  • Initial and final rollers, length 1 m. each. 
  • Manual bar for large-sized slabs support. 
  • Control PLC with software which automatically synchronizes the spindle and piston intervention as the slab passes. 

Features & Options

Calibrating spindle
Series of horizontal spindles for polishing the straight edges
Series of bevelling spindles at 45°
Spindle for the lower / upper groove

Technical Data

Possible Working

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Top Cut


Pencil round top and bottom


Partial Works on Straight edges

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